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In the Name of Almighty God, the All-Knowing, the Most Lovingly Compassionate
One’s perspective regarding government and governance determines the way one ‎should cooperate with the people.   If one recognizes government as a privilege and prey ‎of the governors, then the period of governance can be counted as an opportunity to fulfill ‎the expectations of certain individuals and groups or the ostentation and hedonism of the ‎governors.‎
But if in our view, “government” would be a responsibility before God for ‎establishing justice and a duty to ensure the rights of common people, serving the ‎servants of God and helping the oppressed- then the most important issue will be the ‎people’s concerns.  If this is the case, governors would not view themselves as better than ‎other people and they wouldn’t put themselves in any other position except serving the ‎people.  ‎
Based upon this view point …
Written by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at 22:21, 2007/12/01

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